Exam Bootcamp

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As the semester one exams are just around the corner, the Skills Centre is offering a series of lunchtime sessions to help students maximize their study and preparation efforts during this busy time. 

Preparing for Exams – A Practical Guide 

This session will provide practical tips and tricks for effective study routines in the lead up to exams, guidance on how to plan your study timetable, and help to develop efficient exam techniques.

Additional Session: on making the most of your study time. We are delighted to welcome staff from the Assisted Technology Lab for this 20-minute session.

Let your device do the talking- making the most of the on-campus technology.

Learn how to use on campus software to convert text into audio.  Also, see how you can use your phone to listen to anything from websites to textbooks.

Examinations at UCC

This session, offered by the Exams and Records Office at UCC, will provide practical guidance on the examinations process in UCC and how to prepare for and conduct yourself during examinations.

Minding Yourself During Exams – Mindfulness Techniques

This session will help students develop mindfulness techniques to remain calm and centred during times of stress and activity. Mindfulness, at its most basic, is a way of becoming present in the moment through deep breathing exercises and meditation. It is a very popular way of reducing stress and finding clarity in our hectic modern lives.

Exam Bootcamp has finished for semester 1. Please check in again next semester to avail of these sessions.

Managing Stress and Anxiety Workshops

In addition to the boot-camp sessions, we are delighted to be able to let you know about the wonderful workshops that are available from our colleagues over in Student Counselling and Development. These Managing Stress and Anxiety Workshops will help you develop an understanding of how to manage stress and anxiety. Facilitated by Anne O’Connell, these sessions will look at causes of anxiety, including exam stress, and explore practical ways to reduce stress. These sessions are free of charge and available to all UCC students.

Dates: Tuesday 21st November. Thursday 5th December 2017. Thursday 15th March 2018. Thursday 12th April 2018. Thursday 24th April 2018.

Places are limited to 25 per session so if you would like to attend please contact student counselling to register your interest.